Father Charles Magee



Father Charles Magee celebrates your wedding using an individualized service and ritual either in a banquet hall, outdoors, or in an appropriate chapel.

Interfaith and Ecumenical weddings
are also celebrated.

Jewish-Christian weddings
A celebration together with a rabbi in which the beauty and authenticity of both traditions is honored and woven into a seamless ceremony.

Nondenominational weddings
For couples who are not affiliated with any one particular religious tradition but still seek a meaningful spiritual wedding experience.

Wedding Celebration Organization:
The planning of each wedding celebration is a collaborative process and your input and ideas are welcome. Great care and thought is put into every ceremony, taking into account the personal needs and request of each couple.

What makes these weddings distinctive and unique is the priority given to creating a celebration that is dynamic, inspiring and which involves the entire community present. This responds to people's deep need for meaningful and uplifting sacred ritual as opposed to many cold impersonal and even boring religious services.

Possible Order of Service:
Opening Prayer and Invocation
Scriptural Reading (and other literary sources)
Homily / Reflection
Unity Candle (optional)
Vows (traditional or personalized)
Blessing and Exchange of Rings
Final Blessing