Father Charles Magee


    "Father Magee, I searched and searched for the "perfect man" to marry Marc & I. I found that perfect person in you. Thank you for your help, wisdom & fun! Marc and I hope we can always keep in touch."
- Megan and Marc

    "We cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did at our October 7th wedding. As you can imagine we were both so nervous,and we both agreed that within five minutes of the ceremony,you changed that for us.
    You took the edge off immediately with your humor and quick wit-it was so nice to hear everyone laughing-at that point we knew we were going to have a great wedding-oh and we did!
    Everyone loved you,our family,our friends and we were so honored to have you stay and celebrate our big day with us. Everyone says it is supposed to be the happiest day of your life and it was for the two of  us-we would not change anything at all.
    Thank you so much, Father Magee, honestly from the bottom of our hearts.We love you and we will keep in touch for the baby's christening."
- Larry and Hope

    "Philip and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of our wedding!  We thought you did a wonderful job in every aspect.  The ceremony was short as we had asked, but it had a lot in it.  The homily was wonderful and people have mentioned to us that they enjoyed it.  The message that you gave through the "dandelions" really got through to our guests and Philip and I have been referring to it the past few days.

   Your humor added to the ceremony as well.  I felt comforted by it because I was emotional and to be able to laugh helped to alleviate some of that.  I know that our guests enjoyed this service very much!  We got a lot of comments about how wonderful it was!"
- Philip & Danielle 

    "It was such a joy to have Father Magee as a part of our wedding! He not only did a wonderful job during the ceremony, he and his lovely wife Denny genuinely became a part of the entire experience. They embraced our unique situation and found humor in the unexpected surprises that children tend to bring to an event such as this!
    Father Magee assisted us in crafting our ceremony in a way that best reflected us as individuals and as a family. The Magee's not only found a place in our hearts, but the wedding party and our parents as well! We are all hoping to maintain this new relationship in the years to come!
    Thank you both so much!"
- Katie & Tim